Maya Sunny Honey at Eco Outdoor

May we introduce Maya Sunny Honey; a beautiful, unique brand working off the simple idea that’s nature’s already got it covered. Based in NSW Maya Sunny Honey have designed bespoke jars that act as mini beehives. Anywhere between 450-500 bees work in each jar to build an individual honeycomb, that is then sealed, labelled (beautifully I might add) and delivered to us. It’s pure, unpasteurized, unheated and unprocessed. It’s real honey, simple as that.

MayHoney-96   MayaSunny-37MayaHoney-005

We are very excited to be stocking their amazing honeycomb in our Waterloo, Brookvale and Richmond showrooms. Pop in and have a look, they’re truly beautiful.

Eco graffiti? We’re on it!

We’ve recently stumbled across the most excellent invention. Eco friendly graffiti. It’s brilliant. Essentially all you need is some moss and water, mix it up in a blender to form a paste and get painting your graffiti on a textured surface. Brick walls and timber seem to work best, and it helps if it’s a damp area as well. If you’d like a few more specifics on the how to check out Environmental graffiti. We’re trialling some on our Waterloo showroom entrance so we’ll let you know if it’s a raging success. In the meantime, why not enjoy some other creatives moss masterpieces? They’re sure to make you smile

01 moss-2 05 moss-00302 moss-001 03 moss-5 04 moss-9

Looking for a little outdoor inspiration?

an outdoor life

Welcome to | An Outdoor Life by Eco Outdoor.

We’re an eco inspired lifestyle store. We source natural stone flooring & walling, together with outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories.

Like most people who work within the architectural and design industry, we love design in all forms. Most of us are into typography and vintage chairs, some of us love craft and . . some of us not so much. A few of us are into photography and online gaming, while others geek out over street art, anything from the Helvetica font family and writing in third person. Either way, we all like what we do and share a passion for outdoor style.

| An Outdoor Life is where we store our inspiration.

We hope you find a little goodness here.

How to change the world

I found a gorgeous little book today that I’m going to try and get into our stores. It’s by a man named John-Paul Flintoff and it’s titled “How to change the world”. I haven’t read it yet but all the reviews are fantastic and I did find a little video to watch if you’re interested, I’ve posted it here.

In the video John-Paul talks about how meaningful and satisfying it is to have a life task, something that you really care passionately about and are engaged in. He speaks of his own passion about getting people to grow their own food [spurred on by his fear of the world's declining food production etc] and one quote which really resonated with me was.

“The key is not to make despair convincing, it’s to make hope possible”. I’m going to try and get them into stores, I’ll let you know when we get hold of a few copies.

Industry night – Eco Outdoor Brookvale

Just last week we hosted an industry night in our Sydney Brookvale showroom. We had a fantastic turn out, had some delicious food, plenty of drink (of course!) and had 5 separate work stations set up to talk with our guests about current hot topics in the industry. Paul Buckley from Mapei spoke about Australian standards with stone wall install, and the importance of using the right glues and mechanical fixings. Micheal Cooke in collaboration with Alpine Nurseries took us through coastal planting perfect for Sydney with a range of unusual and stunning plants. Simon Bailey from BTS and John Cordwell from Dry Treat explained the importance of dip sealing stone, and the best way to clean and finish an install job and Nat from Gardens at Night had us all enchanted with expert outdoor lighting and hints and tips for getting the very best out of your garden, 24 hours a day. Last but not least, our very own Ashley Evans and Massimo Francioni spoke about some stone innovations from Eco and our new range of products. A massive thank you goes out to both the presenters as well as all the people who attended the night. Run in conjunction with the LNA we reckon the night was a great success!

Landscape community loves Eco Outdoor

The Eco Outdoor team in Perth attended the Landscape Industries Association awards night this August, and were pleasantly surprised to be nominated as a finalist for “Supplier of the Year” at the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia (LIAWA) Awards. To be nominated LIAWA members submit their votes, so we are very happy that our landscape clients voted for Eco Outdoor especially as we have only been open for business in Western Australia for just over 12 months. The MC for the night Jack Hanbury noted for “great customer service, fantastic showroom, good product knowledge, friendly proactive trade service.. And great coffee!”


launch of wa HOME design + living magazine at eco outdoor

On Friday night some of the industry’s leading architects, designers, landscapers and builders gathered at Eco Outdoor Perth for the launch of Western Australia HOME Design + Living magazine. It was a great night at Eco Outdoor for the people who have supported the magazine to gather a network at this function. Dirk Fielding, the publisher, flew over from Melbourne to speak on the production of the magazine and thanked those who contributed. HOME Design + Living was stated to be the largest first-edition magazine launched anywhere in the world with over 600 pages. The night was a great success and we wish HOME magazine the best in the coming year. You can check out the website for HOME Design + Living magazine here.

liav workshop night success

As some of you may already know Eco Outdoor Nunawading hosted an LIAV workshop night last week and it was a huge success! We had an opening introduction by Bruce Winstanley from the LIAV followed by mini workshop groups presented by Aqua Vision, Mapei, Smith & Gordon Nurseries and Light on Landscapes. With a turnout of  over 80 landscapers it was a great, informative night and we’d like to say a big thank you to all who came. If you missed the night, or would just like a little more info download the attached document here (LIAV workshop information), it includes a few photographs of the event as well as a quick re-cap of the key points from each workshop.

LIAV Eco Outdoor Workshop night

green roofs are so last year…

For those of you are are totally into the foodie game, check out Melbourne City Rooftop Honey which has sprung up all over Melbourne town. You’ve heard of green roofs, well this is just as important and definitely more delicious. Vanessa Kwiatkowski and Mat Lumalasi launched Melbourne City Rooftop Honey after learning that beekeepers in cities such as London, New York and Paris were reintroducing bees to urban areas. Since then, they’ve installed hives on the rooftops of more than 15 CBD and inner-city businesses, mainly cafes and restaurants, and half a dozen suburban gardens. More than 100 people have joined their waiting list.

Nikolsky’s grandfather was a commercial beekeeper and he has strong memories of people coming to his grandparents’ door to buy honey. When Nikolsky read a small newspaper article about Melbourne City Rooftop Honey last year, he offered to host a hive.

For a $250 annual fee, Kwiatkowski and Lumalasi visit fortnightly to check on the hives. In return, the Alphington couple gets a share of the honey and, thanks to the busy bees, a measurable improvement in garden productivity.

“It’s good for us because we like to grow our own vegies and try to be as sustainable as we can,” says Nikolsky. “We’re not talking food miles here. We’re talking food metres.”

You can read more here at Milk Bar or here at Melbourne Rooftop Honey.