MIFGS 2014


Paul Bangay Eco Outdoor porphyry stone

Paul Bangay’s display garden, using Eco Outdoor’s porphyry stone

I know, we can’t believe it either. Time has flown and the last weekend in March has just passed, bringing with it the widely acclaimed Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. As usual the show was a raging success. Australia’s top landscape architects and designers have excelled again with a plethora of interesting, remarkable and always stylish garden designs. Eco Outdoor were lucky enough to work with both Eckersley Garden Architecture and Paul Bangay for the annual event.

Paul Bangay_ Porphyry1

Paul Bangay’s design used lush green planting and porphyry stone

We provided the Porphyry cobblestones and filetti products used in Paul’s classic and elegant garden. And we provided the brand new limestone Chalford, for the Eckersley display garden. We were lucky enough to catch up with Myles from EGA to get the low-down on their design.

Eco Outdoor, Eckersley Garden Architecture, MIFGS

The Garden Cornucopia – Eckersley Garden Architecture

EGA – The Garden Cornucopia MIFGS 2014

The design was inspired by the idea of the cornucopia, or a horn of plenty, a medieval symbol of abundance and nourishment. Traditionally this was a horned shape woven basket that was filled with goods from the Autumn harvest, produce such as pumpkins, berries, hops and grains would overflow from the vessel. Working with hexagonal timber frames EGA created a cornucopia of their own. The large horned shape structure moves throughout the garden and takes the viewer on a journey through the space. Rather than filling the cornucopia with a literal translation of vegetable plantings, the team at EGA used the hexagonal framework to house a lush, full and abundant garden.

EGA worked with a simple but unique palette of plants drawing back to the Victorian era. Working with Urban Environments Nursery the team sourced traditional plants such as English Yew, Specimen Succulents, Hops Pines and Sacred Bamboo to create a strong and gutsy garden to complement the structural cornucopia design. Contemporary materials were also used, a large mirror was situated at the end of the garden to increase the feeling of abundance and open up the space and beautiful hand blown lights from Mark Douglas were grouped in clusters hanging from the horn shape frame, creating a glowing sense of warmth. Sculptural metal spheres from Martin Jaine were also included, symbolic of the fruits of the Autumn harvest. The paving showcases Eco Outdoors newest limestone product Chalford, a beautiful heavily distressed limestone that added to the depth and texture to the design.

When I asked Myles what his favourite part of the design was he couldn’t get past that stunning cornucopia shape. ‘It’s almost spider like arches create a magical feel as your transcend the garden, each of the hexagonal portals spins to give a sense of movement and fluidity, almost like a living form within the space. It creates an experience, a journey that’s different for every viewer.’

Mark Douglas, Eckersley Garden Architecture, Eco Outdoor

The Mark Douglas hand blown lights, Chalford limestone paving from Eco Outdoor

Eckerlsey Garden Architecture, MIFGS

The Cornucopia detail, Victorian Era planting and Chalford limestone

MIFGS, Eckersley Garden Architecture, Eco Outdoor

The journey as you weave through the symbolic structure



rolling stone landscapes cleans up at mifgs

Photography by Danny Kildare

Well the winners of Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show have been announced and our friends at Rolling Stone Landscapes have cleaned up! The team won 4 awards > The Gold Medal, The Best in Construction, The Best in Design and The Best in Show. Not bad for a few boys north of the border.

For more Rollingstone MIFGS banter check out their Facebook page here

mifgs > rolling stone landscapes

Rolling Stone Landscapes - concept

As you may or may not be aware Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) is fast approaching and we can’t wait to see what some of our favourite designers have instore this year.

Rolling Stone Landscapes (based in Sydney) have headed down for the event. The design for their garden titled “Reflections” has been built to raise awareness for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. The lads from Rolling Stone have joined forces with The Black Dog Institute and you can follow their progress on their Facebook page.