behind the scenes

Check out the video below > This little ditty was put together by our photographer Richard Birch to give you a sense of  what happens behind the scenes at a photoshoot. The setting is part of a major lifestyle shoot we did last year for our 2012 summer outdoor furniture range.

We shot at garden designer Michael Cooke‘s own property on the central coast. For those of you who are not familiar with Michael Cooke’s work, he has not only a profound love of garden design but of both art and architecture and the role they play in shaping the outdoor space. His own central coast garden is open every year as part of the open garden scheme and is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a little inspiration, it’s full of delightful little ‘moments’  – from the old school watering cans which hang in the kitchen garden, to the gorgeous old barn doors which back on to a tree that almost feels like the faraway tree it’s so magical. Michael creates gardens that not only look great – they feel good to be in and I think Richard’s captured that in our lifestyle shots.

All in all we shot 4 lifestyle scenes, each beautifully styled by Louise Owens [3 of the shots can be seen above]. The shots looked absolutely fantastic and were a great success. Here Richard gives you a sneak peak of how it all comes together on the day. Enjoy.

interview with luke baldwin of site landscapes

In only 9 days our Waterloo showroom will be hosting another Spring Expert in-store. Between 10 -12 on November 5 Luke Baldwin of Site Landscapes will be in the showroom to talk with you about your garden design. If there are any ideas you may have in the back of your mind, or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration come in and have a chat. Luke is the mastermind behind Site Landscapes’ beautiful work, so check out his interview below, click through to his website and come in and see him next Saturday, November 5!

Describe your style.

My style differs from garden to garden. The inspirational starting point for me is always different; we’re working with a different house, a different outdoor space, not to mention a different client. I try to understand what inspires my client and create a design that reflects that, and resonates with their home and any existing features outside.

What inspires you?

Change. I like the idea of changing a space to create purpose, style and function. For me, a lot of the devil is in the detail. I’m always looking for new design ideas and different techniques and methods. It’s the little things that bring a garden to life and create a space that people want to be in.

Your favourite outdoor space?

Commonwealth Park in Canberra on a sunny Autumn day and Ballast Park in Sydney – I love the form and scale of the place.

One tip for people as they head into Spring?

Spring is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer! If you’re planning on getting some professional work done, now is the time to get some advice so you can get moving. Do the work now (or better still get someone else to do it!) and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoor living space you’ve created as the weather warms up.

Luke Baldwin

Site LandscapesSite Landscapes

whats your plan for october 1st ?

For some lucky states October 1st is a long weekend, so already plans are in full swing to load up the car and escape for a change of scenery. Although there is of course those of us who will choose to stay put in our local area and soak up the action and good times around us.

Either way with a strong scent of jasmine, bbq’s and freshly mowed lawns in the air there’s going to be lots to do starting with our very own Spring Experts in-store beginning at 10am.

With a line up of some amazingly talented professionals such as Peter Fudge, Ken Pattinson and Georgia Harper you really must put aside just 15 min on Saturday to make a visit into one of showrooms (listed below) and make the most of this opportunity to meet these experts and bounce around some ideas for your very own outdoor space.

Their advice is free and it’s all very informal and relaxed, so just grab a coffee and pull up a seat and throw some questions out there.

Experts can be found at the showrooms below.

Georgia Harper > Richmond

Ken Pattinson > Brookvale

Peter Fudge > Waterloo

Keep watch of this space, as interviews with the experts themselves is to follow …

the ol’garden shed - Colourful Garden Shed magnet

Whether it be a place you store a few of those rusty gardening tools, your workshop retreat or a forever growing storage area, I’m sure we can all agree our humble little backyard dwellings leave much to be desired.

But don’t be disheartened, there are many ways to improve this outdoor space!  How about a bit of colour, maybe some plants of the edible kind ? … a few good outdoor furniture pieces that could turn your space into an extra room??…….the list goes on.

There’s no doubt a garden shed can be both stylish and practical, however it just might take a little more time and effort to get it up to scratch.

Check out the images below for some inspiration, peep over your neighbour’s fence for an idea or seek some handy advice from a landscaper/designer in your area and lets ‘embrace the emerging modern lifestyle of smaller but smarter spaces’.

Sat in Design > this weekend

Saturday in Design officially starts this Friday but the big action happens on Saturday. If you’re planning on being part of the fun don’t forget to drop in to see us here at Eco Outdoor in Burnley Street Richmond where we’ll be showcasing our latest outdoor designed furniture ranges for the 2010>11 season. We’ll also be showcasing some prototypes and design sketches from the 2012 ranges we’re currently working on and our design team will be around all day at the Bollinger Bar to answer your questions.

We’re big believers that design should be a two way conversation between the designed product and the designed space it occupies. We’re also big believers in Bollinger. So join us for a glass of bubbly at the Eco Outdoor Bollinger Bar and join in the design conversation.

DIY outdoor furniture . . what the?

Another interesting tidbit borrowed from our friends at My Urban Garden Deco Guide shows off the latest innovation from the Milan Furniture Fair which was held in April of this year.

Here the Belgian brand Extremis showed up with a very unexpected product. It was not a new design. It was a kit. Or more exactly a box in which one found the right to re-create a single version of ones favorite Extremis product. Each official license in the box contains the necessary drawings and specifications to have the design made. Though the concept was not presented as an eco-friendly idea, it most certainly is: it saves transporting designs, encourages the use of locally sourced materials and provides work to valued local craftsmen.

Dirk Wynants, the creative head of Extremis and innovative mind behind this very controversial idea, explains that the value of an Extremis product encompasses not only a production process but also the intellectual property. As a reflection of the importance of this ‘intangible’ part of the final product, the pack costs 20 percent of the price for an actual product.