Everything we do has been developed with you in mind.

In this section, you’ll find loads of extra resources such as product information, specification support material, install tips, high-resolution 3D textures and BIM files. As part of our commitment to working with specifiers, we’ve also extensively tested our core product ranges for slip resistance, flexural strength, resistance to salt attack, absorption and density. If you need technical information, pricing or testing for a specific project, feel free to talk to our Eco team for more details.

For a detailed explanation of the technical files available (and their corresponding design programs) click here

Failing that you better give us a shout and we’ll look into it.

What is a 3D texture?

A texture is a flat image applied to a 3D model or renders to give it colour and detail. Textures are particularly useful in allowing you to visualise our products within the context of your architectural/landscaping project.



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