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TIME TO READ: 2m 30s

Botanical artist Rebecca Trevitt of Ponder Posy clearly has a love for flowers and all things nature that is quite infectious.  

Her work isn’t about perfection, but celebrates the rawness, crooked stems and fading petals in her ‘bohemian style’ arrangements and wreaths.  I get the feeling Rebecca isn’t the artist to discard a bunch of blooms if they are slightly flawed. Instead I’m sure she would embrace their unique beauty creating an arrangement that would allow them to shine.

We’ve had the pleasure of housing Rebecca’s over-sized wreaths in our showrooms and we’re excited to share with you a five minute snapshot of this creative.

How did you get into the flower biz?

I started making with flowers with the flowers I grew in my own garden. I first began making posies for a local shop and my business has grown from there. One posy at time.

What’s a typical day for you?

As a mother of three children there is no typical day – flowers and children are equally demanding as neither of them are very patient and both need constant attention!
Each day I juggle sourcing fresh flowers and foliage with the chores of everyday life. At times the two worlds have had to mesh and the kids have become part of my trips to growers and local markets.
My 8-year-old runs his own flower business, and grows his own dahlias!

Favourite flowers or floral style at the moment?

I am as moody as the seasons: during spring I swear I’ll never love anything more than a blousy peony, during summer dancing cosmos steals my heart, autumn makes me fall hard for burnt orange foliage and the arrival of winter is all about bare branches and waiting for the anemones.

What flowers are we likely to find in your home?

My home is full of evolving trials.
I like to see how arrangements fade and eventually, fall and die. Watching closely the changes that flowers and foliage make over days or even weeks makes me more confident when making for others.

Favourite outdoor place to relax when you’re not busy with flowers?

Empty beaches, as far away as school holidays will allow.

3 tips for anyone attempting to perfect their flower arranging skills?

Go for a walk.
Take notice of what’s in season.
Ask your local florist where the flowers are grown – buy local and seasonal and your flowers will already be what nature intended to put together.
And, always change the vase water every 2-3 days for even longer lasting flowers.

Most memorable flower installation?

My wreaths, I couldn’t choose just one!
Creating a wreath allows me to use both fresh and dried materials and I can challenge myself artistically by selecting materials that will fade beautifully. And at times, they’ll last a long time. I make them for shop windows, people’s homes and gifts.
There is something universally timeless about a wreath.

Keep an eye out for Rebecca’s botanical creations at our Kent Town showroom or stalk her Ponder Posy Instagram feed!

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