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Local community gardens around Sydney are set to be on display during Cake Wines’ Community Feast held throughout November and December.

Some of Sydney’s top chefs including Mike McEnearney, formerly Kitchen by Mike and Richie Dolan of Chiswick have worked together with Cake Wine’s Head Winemaker Sarah Burvill and the local gardener or producers to design a bespoke menu.  Weekend lunches and dinners will showcase the freshly grown produce sourced from the community gardens and accompanied by Cake Wine’s 2014 and 2015 vintage releases.

“This is a chance to prioritise the importance of real community, the gardens and the food they can provide, and of course, the wines that go along with that. I’m really excited about working closely with the gardeners and chefs to understand the range of produce and food that will be on offer so I can match the wines accordingly and make this a really special experience,” says winemaker, Burvill.

The first of five Community Feast events will be held at Glebe’s St Helens Garden, Ultimo Community Garden, 107 Projects Rooftop Garden, Redfern’s Charlie’s Garden, and the Farmer’s Market at Carriageworks.

Mike McEnearney, Chef and Creative Director of Carriageworks Farmers Market, is particularly excited about the event as his passion for food s driven by his love for local and  seasonal produce.

“For our feast, food will be sourced from producers in the market on the spur of the moment, which makes things exciting for me and the guests. The food will evolve throughout the day into the final menu; it’s cooking by the seat of your pants and letting nature tell you what’s good, rather than the other way around,” says McEnearney.

Excited about this concept, we had a quick chat with Cake Wine founder, Glen Cassidy.

What inspired you to host the Community Feast event?

Community Gardens are a real melting pot of activity, they contribute so much back to the community. The produce, the social aspect, the educational component..they’re just so beneficial in so many ways. There are over 40 community gardens just in Sydney and we wanted to get people more interested in them.

Why did you choose the 5 particular gardens?

We spoke to heaps of gardens and it really came down to the people running each garden and their attitude towards the idea. If they were into it and we could work within the confines of the garden, we hit the go button.

What are you hoping to be the outcome of these feasts?

We’re hoping for increased awareness + education about the benefits of community gardening.
We like to tell all the great stories surrounding the gardeners and their plots, the chefs and how they have crafted their dishes; and a bit about our wines, the process, and how / why we’ve matched them with each dish.
We want to create something really unique for people. I don’t think anyone has ever done something like this, we are always trying new things.

To join this unique event in on of Sydney’s community gardens, visit Cake Wines.
Images + Video | Cake Wines

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