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The lead up to Christmas can be super stressful and with only 4 sleeps away, some of you might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Before you collapse at the finish line, here are a few tips from some inspiring creative types on how to make Christmas simple (or at least appear effortlessly stylish)!

Tips on making Christmas simple, but stylish:

image6442I don’t do simple really, but I love what I did for the Eco Outdoor shoot where we made pineapple as candle holders! They’re an ideal centrepiece idea!
Megan Morton, stylist



Quality and simplicity over quantity and disposable.
Shelley Panton, potter

image7588Choose foliage from your backyard or local area…if it’s seasonal you can guarantee it will be around every Christmas time, thus making for simple traditions you can stick too.
Rebecca Trevitt, botanical artistry



We have quite a large collection of objects, sculptures, dishes and glassware that all make a star appearance at Christmas.  We also love to eat outside, so we use linen table cloths as a base them gather an eclectic mix of objects and serving ware that remind us of distant family, friends and places we have lived together.
Mr Richard, PR and Events

Making Christmas simple by choosing one element and hitting it hard by using abundance.  My fall back trick is flowers. Flowers always shows you care.
Kara Rosenlund, photographer
Don’t go crazy with all the festivities.  Remember there is a life after Christmas too.
Paul Lowe Einlyng, Sweet Paul Magazine
Christmas is only 4 sleeps away people! Happy decorating xx

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