Free form sandstone natural interiors

Free form sandstone walling provides the perfect interior aesthetic style for this Californian bungalow style home

The use of natural stone walling in home interior design provides depth and texture to a space. In this home, feature walls have been used in various rooms for a stunning result.

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When making a decision about surfaces for your interior design ensure your choice takes into consideration both aesthetics (what will suit the interior design of the room?) and function (how durable do I want the floor to be?). Most of us will consider a ceramic tile, timber finish or natural stone texture. One of the great advantages of using a natural stone tile or paver is that it will add warmth to a room and give it a real sense of character and depth.

It’s important to mention that natural stone floors are more porous than ceramic tile or timber texture and with time can prove a little more difficult to maintain if you’d like them to remain looking brand new. Cast your mind back to the age old Italian or French villa floors which were all made from stone, they mature gracefully as they age but they do shift slightly both in terms of colour (as a natural result of markings) and texture. So while a natural stone floor will not remain as pristine as a ceramic tile, we like to think that stone floors bear the hallmarks and character of a life well lived. As they mature they gain more character and a sense of history which adds to their appeal and makes them even more beautiful.

One of the great things about using a natural stone surface is that it can connect both internal and external spaces for fluid indoor / outdoor living. When you’re choosing a natural stone tile for internal spaces, it’s important to balance the desired appearance with your functional requirements.

The dimensional tolerance of a product is also of critical importance for interior design spaces as you need to ensure that the stone is a consistent thickness and can be tile glued straight into the slab. When working with outdoor design projects, there is more flexibility for products whose dimensional tolerances vary, however when you work with indoor spaces, you’re working with a finite floor slab height so it’s critical to choose products where the height and size of the tiles are constant.



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