Oversized feature tiles play with proportions

A traditional format feature wall that challenges traditional proportions

Large scale Berrimah traditional walling creates a feature out of this coastal residence entryway. Playing with proportion, these oversized feature tiles create a traditional cottage-style entry that belies the multi-story structure that falls away beneath. Complimenting the sandy tones of the cobblestone driveway, these Berrimah feature walls offsets the lush green of the treetop skyline and watery blue of the ocean below.

Your outdoor feature wall design starts here

When it comes to garden landscape ideas, stone feature walls can be a terrific way to break up a space and provide some boundaries and intimacy in different parts of the garden.

It makes sense to start with your garden landscape design and consider whether you want to create an outdoor room or delineate an area around your outdoor fireplace, maybe you’d like to create a water feature or even just create some low level borders for planting within your landscape garden design.

When it comes to feature wall ideas, there are obvious design considerations – where will the wall be placed? What are you trying to achieve from a design point of view? Is there another landscaping stone already in the landscape design that you’d like to pick up with a complimentary stone type?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re building a retaining wall or vertical feature wall is the corner detail and capping (this basically means finding a stone which also offers corner pieces to make it look like a built wall). You want to find solutions which make the stone wall appear as a solid structure rather than stone veneers which have just been ‘stuck on’ to a block wall. And remember, our natural stone cladding materials have a sawn back for easy application and a frontal split finish which makes the building process a lot simpler but gives the appearance that the wall is made from whole stone blocks.

Incorporating a stone feature wall in your landscape garden design has never been easier.



Richard Birch

Interior Designer

Fiona Yeates Consulting