Taking garden design up a level

Take your garden design up a level, work with trellis structures and plant climbers to add an interesting new dimension to your outdoor space

Think differently about your garden design, add height with man built structures and allow seasonal climbers to dominate. They add texture, colour and depth to any garden design.

your outdoor garden design starts here

So you’re looking for garden ideas or maybe you’re undertaking a whole new home and garden design project; the best place to start is by looking through images to get a feel of what you do and don’t like.

While you’re looking it’s important to think about how you’d like to use your garden space and what sort of overall style you’re looking to create. Are you after a small tranquil garden or a large outdoor kitchen design? Do you have a family and pets to accommodate, maybe you’d like to put in a pool? Do you want a small or large vegetable garden? Thinking about these larger ideas at the beginning of your planning helps to ensure you create a garden design that complements your lifestyle and gets maximum use.

Once you’ve worked out the overall aesthetics, it’s important to consider a few of the practicalities. Natural stone is often a feature of outdoor landscape design and the huge range of product options means all aesthetics and practicalities are covered. Think organic, tumbled travertine and limestone for light and airy courtyards, a granite or bluestone paver works beautifully around an entertaining area while concrete pavers mean you have a huge colour spectrum to choose between. Low stone retaining walls work wonders for breaking up a space and giving a garden depth while higher stone walls can provide privacy. Complete the look with planting that complements both your design aesthetic and your lifestyle along with some beautiful outdoor patio furniture and your outdoor space is complete.

The best way to  articulate what you’re looking for is to gather a whole stack of garden ideas and images before you talk to your landscape architect. Show them what appeals to you (and what doesn’t). They’ll then use these garden ideas as a way to navigate through their design process. And the same is true for outdoor paving ideas. When you come into one of our design showrooms to select your outdoor paving tiles, show us the proposed designs for your space so that we can help you pick out the outdoor paving that is best suited to your design, both aesthetically and practically.

Whether it’s natural stone and granite or sandstone paving, a natural stone tile is always the best selection if you’re wanting to create a design that will complement the home, be sympathetic to wear and age beautifully. If you’ve had a good look through and you’re still not sure which outdoor paving ideas are best for your place, come and talk to us. We’re the stone specialists.