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Autumn Harvest: Fig pizza by Feasting at Home

TIME TO READ: 2m 15s

Autumn brings with it crisp mornings and clear skies. We experience a beautiful display as the foliage colour changes and of course, a bounty of delicious seasonal produce tempting us to devour everything in one hit.

Figs, plump and tender-skinned, are one such fruit we can’t get enough of!

This grilled fig pizza topped with balsamic onions and gorgonzola by Feasting at Home celebrates figs in all their glory. It’s the perfect recipe to share with friends will snuggling up on an Autumn night by the outdoor fire.

This recipe uses store-bought raw pizza dough. You could also choose to make a simple dough (try this Donna Hay recipe) or use a quality pre-made base if you’re short on time. Whatever dough you choose, opt for a thin base that will add a little crispness alongside the succulent texture of the figs.

Fig Pizza by Feasting at Home

Crispy base with deliciously sweat seasonal figs
Crispy base with deliciously sweat seasonal figs

What you’ll need

1 red onion, sliced thinly into rings
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
pinch salt & pepper
1 tsp sugar or honey
500g raw pizza dough, divided into 2 or 4 balls and rested for 20mins (option: make a simple dough or use quality pre-made bases)
1 garlic clove, smashed
1 cup grated mozzarella
1 cup crumbled gorgonzola cheese
8 figs, quartered
handful rocket

What you’ll need to do

Preheat the grill to high heat.

In a large heavy-based pan over medium-high heat, saute onion in oil. Stir frequently for 3 minutes before lowering the heat to medium. Add a pinch of salt and continue sauteing for 10 minutes or until onions begin to caramelise and become soft.

Add balsamic vinegar, sugar and pepper. Continue to cook for about 3-4 minutes until the balsamic has reduced. Set aside.

Stretch the divided dough into thin ovals or rounds.

Place dough directly onto the hot grate and grill for 2-3 minutes until grill marks develop. Flip and grill on the other side. Set aside and repeat with other bases.

Place the cooked base on a tray and rub each cooked base with smashed garlic, sprinkle with cheese and top with figs and onions. Return to the grill until the cheese has melted. Sprinkle with fresh rocket and serve immediately.



Note: This fig pizza could be cooked in the oven. If choosing to do so, preheat the oven to 220C. Place the stretched raw dough onto a tray lined with baking paper. Top it with the cheeses, figs and onions and place in the oven until cooked through (about 9-11 minutes). Remember, thin crusts will cook faster so you may need to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. Dress with fresh rocket and serve.

Recipe and images by Feasting at Home.

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