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Entering the veggie season late or don’t have time to watch a seed flourish? Planting seedlings is a great way to kick start your veggie patch and get the kids involved to lend a hand. 

Before you hastily empty a punnet of seedlings into some soil, follow our guide to planting seedlings and ensure they grow into strong and healthy plants.

Planting seedlings 101

First things first, water all your seedlings in the nursery punnets about 10 minutes before you plan to transplant them. This will ensure they go into the ground hydrated and a little less stressed about the whole process.

planting seedlings
Separating your seedlings is perhaps the most important step in planting your produce and the most time consuming.  Planting the entire punnet as is or in groups of three or four is a common mistake.

Take your time to carefully separate all the individual seedlings to give them the best chance to thrive. You may need to twist them around a little to untangle all of the tiny roots.

planting seedlings

Once you’ve separated all the seedlings, you should be left with a good collection ready to go into the ground.  Work out the spacing that’s suitable for the individual varieties, and lay them out in place. Enlist the help of your little people popping the seedlings into the soil, just watch they don’t compress them too much.


Give your seedlings a generous water and for extra measure, you can add some seaweed concentrate.

Now it’s time to sit back and watch your little seedlings settle into their new home. Here’s hoping the snails don’t get them before you do!

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