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3000acres 'Olives to Oil' Project in Melbourne

TIME TO READ: 1m 45s

The team at 3000acres is at it again with a quirky idea of making the most of Melbourne’s unloved olives.

The not-for-profit urban agriculture initiative 3000acres has been working tirelessly to improve access to healthy and fresh foods in city environments. Lead by Scottish landscape architect and urban designer Kate Dundas the dream to bring food production, growing and sharing into the city landscape.

You can read more about 3000acres here.

Converting underutilised vacant concrete spaces into community gardens, 3000acres have been making it possible for inner-city residents to grow their own produce and engage with their greater community.

Their latest project ‘Olives to Oil’ is another way 3000acres area helping to encourage urban growing and community engagement. Teaming up with local olive oil producer, Barfold Olives, 3000acres and volunteers to gather unwanted olives from inner city gardens.

“The Olives to Oil Project hopes to not only produce some oil, but to educate and inspire people about the possibility of local food. Whether it’s in your backyard, on a balcony or in a community garden, there are so many ways to produce local, healthy food which helps us and helps the planet.”

3000acres have invited olive tree owners and volunteers to gather for a weekend extravaganza of olive harvesting around the streets of Melbourne. The olives will then be pressed by Barfold Olives to be delivered back to the community. The event will take place on the 16th and 17th of June,

“This is a great opportunity to fight food waste, bring people together and have some fun at the same time. There are so many olive trees just not getting the love they deserve, and now we have a chance for people to come together to produce healthy, local olive oil. The olive oil presses need a large quantity to run, and that’s just not possible for the individual, but working together we can do something pretty amazing.”

How can you get involved?

Melbournians can either nominate a tree or volunteer to join the picking squad for a day. 3000acres are aiming for as many people to be involved in the ‘Olives to Oil’ project as possible.

Interested? Signing up for the Facebook event – Olives to Oil project with 3000acres and Barfold Olives or get in contact via email: [email protected].

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