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Harvesting your beets? Here’s the perfect recipe that will showcase your veggie growing skills (or your local grocery store’s) and the beautiful flavour of beetroot.

Roast beets are a delicious accompaniment to any winter’s feast. This beetroot recipe by My Goodness Kitchen serves them up as Hasselbacks seasoned with herbs, walnuts, and plenty of sea salt to enhance the natural, earthy beet sweetness.

Eat on its own paired with a mayonnaise and sautéed kale or serve as a fancy side dish alongside a family roast dinner. For best results, choose beets that are a similar size and shape to potatoes.

Roast beets with thyme and walnuts

roast beets

What you’ll need

6 small-medium beetroot
6 thyme stems
1/4 cup raw walnuts
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2-3 tsp horseradish, finely grated
1 tsp preserved lemon, finely sliced
Olive oil
Sea salt

What to do

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Give your beets a good clean. Slice a small section off each beet’s underside to provide a flat surface.

Using a small sharp knife, make several horizontal cuts along the length of each beet about 2mm apart stopping just short of the bottom.

Place the scored beets on a baking tray with the cuts facing up. Drizzle generously with olive oil and season with plenty of sea salt before garnishing each beet with a stem of thyme.

Roast beets in the oven for 45mins to 1hr, or until cooked through.

Place the beets, scored side up, in a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil and season well with sea salt.

To make the horseradish mayonnaise:

In a small bowl, combine the mayonnaise and horseradish, mixing well.

Toast the walnuts in a small, dry pan for about 3 mins, or until golden. Roughly chop the toasted walnuts and put aside.

Once the roast beets are perfectly cooked, remove from the oven.

Place on a serving platter, sprinkle the preserved lemon and scatter over the toasted walnuts. Serve the horseradish mayo on the side or drizzled on top.


Recipe and photography by the talented Amanda from My Goodness Kitchen

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