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Natural stone has a unique, organic quality that brings with it texture, age and rawness.

The beauty of stone is that every batch is different.  The natural colour tones, the irregular edges, and the subtle surface variations are different in each batch and dependant on the area of the quarry.  Stone continues to change and age through time and use; the patina can change and the stone can darken as it ages.  These qualities are what has drawn many to use stone not just as a structural material, but a decorative one too; both inside and out.

Natural stone inside adds another dimension to the space

There are many reasons we recommend you consider using natural stone in your homes interior, including:

  • The natural, raw appearance
  • The simple and minimal upkeep
  • The wide variety of types to suit every taste
  • The affordability
  • It’s eco-friendliness
  • Great noise insulation
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Ability to be used on floors, walls or as a feature

Using natural stone walling internally

The organic design, rugged texture and colour variation makes natural stone walling so appealing to use as a material to enhance the interior space.




The traditional format of sandstone, limestone and bluestone can add a sense of sophistication to your home’s interior.  For a polished and striking statement, the honed natural bluestone is ideal for feature walls, cladding of a fireplace or for a stylish bathroom.  The distressed Berrimah® sandstone on the other hand, when used can add warmth and character to the interior.



In those interiors where you want to inject a bit of history and age, the random ashlar stone walling is ideal.  Reminiscent of rural Spain and provincial France, this classic stone with its texture and natural finish has the ability to add a whole new dimension to the room. Whether its natural sandstone or quartz limestone, the beautiful quality and earthy appearance will impress.

Freeform® stone walling creates a highly organic, textured finish and has a stunning mix of tones. The organic look would suit an internal feature wall or one that continued from the outside in.


Using natural stone flooring internally

Handcrafted stone flooring underfoot inside is beautiful and offers limitless possibilities in your flooring layout.  The subtle tones and textured finish add warmth and an organic quality to your interior space.


Extend the flow from inside your house to outside by continuing the one flooring, or mix and match to create a unique look.  Stone like travertine, granite or cotto terracotta can work in a classic or contemporary designed home.

Seville stone used as all flooring and custom cantilevered bench

Stone, like bluestone, are hardwearing taking the full impact of day-to-day living.  It doesn’t follow a trend or require a particular décor to marry with.  Use to juxtapose the old and new by emphasising it’s rustic, handcrafted quality, or embrace the smooth, crisp aesthetic for a modern look.



Stone offers much more than the ability to blur the divide between the indoors and outdoors.  The unique tones, change in patina with age and the flexibility to use it in any way you choose makes it highly versatile.

Clearly, we’re big fans!

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