pool planting

Pool surrounded by planting designed by Landart Landscapes

When building a new swimming pool for you garden or courtyard, it’s important to take into consideration all the factors that will impact on how your landscapes interacts with your pool and your home.

Why Landscaping Around Your Pool Is Important

Three of the country’s top landscape designers – Matt Leacy, Dean Herald and Matt Cantwell – share their advice on how to incorporate landscaping into your pool design.

Soft landscape helps bring your outdoor space to life

Matt Leacy, director of Landart Landscapes in Sydney, believes that landscaping is key to the overall success of the outdoor space’s aesthetic.

“Landscaping around the pool is, in my opinion, one of the most important factors in resolving not just your pool area but your whole landscape, how the landscape integrates with your entertaining area, your house, your pool. It’s all the one area,” he explains.

“So, it’s all got to be considered holistically, but the plants are what’s going to bring it to life.”

“A beautiful architecturally-designed house needs a beautiful landscape beside it for it to really come to life and that’s the same with the pool,” says Matt. “It’s got to have the integration of the landscape around it for it to really work.”

Consider low maintenance plants suitable for the environment

For Dean Herald of Rolling Stone Landscapes, planting is a key consideration when it comes to tailoring the surrounding landscaping to the needs of your swimming pool.

“Plant selection is going relate back to that water quality of what you have used, whether it’s salt or minerals or chlorine,” explains Dean.

Make the selection of plant that’s easy to maintain in a pool environment, is going to grow well and go and enhance that overall design.

The pool shouldn’t outshine the architecture or garden

Matt Cantwell of Secret Gardens places great emphasis on integrating the pool into the landscape.

“When we’re designing for a client and working out how and where we incorporate a swimming pool into the exercise, landscaping is an important decision. It’s a big expense, but it’s not the most important element of any garden design,” Matt explains.

“It certainly shouldn’t outshine the remainder of the garden or the house itself. It’s a complementary element. And we’ll often like to think of their swimming pools as a, you know, like a large water feature,” he adds.

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