The design and materiality of your driveway impacts your property’s overall appearance and value.

Natural-Looking Driveway Ideas

Today there is a huge demand for modern and contemporary architecture. Homes of strong forms are being designed that push the boundaries and utilise the latest technology. Yet, we’re seeing a trend of more people moving back to basics. Contemporary architecture is combined with natural materials of timber, stone and concrete. Spaces are simplified and the less is more approach is taking hold.

This is also true for driveways where once there was a demand for slick, modern spaces, now homeowners are opting for a driveway that’s natural, grounded and blends more seamlessly with the landscape.

Choosing a driveway material that is functional and Sympathic to its setting will enhance the charm of your home while reaffirming its relationship with nature.

Best materials for a natural-looking driveway

Here, we look at some of the best ways to achieve a natural-looking driveway.

Sesame cobblestones line the driveway with a low sandstone Barrimah traditional format retaining wall
Sesame cobblestones line the driveway with a low sandstone Barrimah traditional format retaining wall


Cobblestones are an ideal choice for creating a natural-looking driveway.

As well as being able to work with a variety of driveway shapes, the material and tonal variation in the natural stone welcomes visitors with a look that is reminiscent of the very ground beneath our feet.

Earthy tones, creams and beiges work sympathetically with the natural surrounds and the likes of Sesame (pictured above) and Tortoise cobblestones are perfect for this outcome.

Porphyry Filetti as driveway pavers


This style of driveway paving is reminiscent of the natural stone used in alpine regions throughout Europe for centuries. It evokes thoughts of fresh mountain air and quaint European towns.

Shown here in Porphyry, the colour palette of earthy reds and oranges works to give a country, aged charm that is beautiful to look at.

As well as its undeniable aesthetic appeal, Filetti is perfect for steep driveway inclines or for creating a point of difference using a linear format.

Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving, or flagstone, is a popular style of driveway paving that feels raw, yet alive.

The earthy, burnt tones of Porphyry crazy paving offers a driveway organic colour variation and texture, giving it strong visual appeal.

One way to enhance the natural look of a crazy paving driveway is to integrate garden beds into the design as pictured above, or even allow a ground cover to grow between the natural stone, creating a living look and feel.

Match Pebbles to Path

A rural property can maintain a traditional palette by matching the loose pebbles on its driveway with concrete pavers in a similar colour for its garden pathways. This soft scheme will compliment a countryside setting and the natural colour variation makes a pebble driveway easy to maintain in the tough climate of regional Australia.

Another way to utilize pebbles in a natural-looking driveway would be to choose a colour that ties in with the local landscaping and use scattered crazy paving with a stone of a similar colour, such as Mowbray.

This style of driveway is ideal for meandering lanes through the deep gardens and can create a delightful, calming sense of home.

Always Remember…

Each driveway material has its own maintenance requirements and some materials are more durable than others. The individual characteristics of any potential material should be taken into consideration.

Beyond engineering, materials and laying the driveway, factor in the varying long-term costs associated with different types of driveways.

For example, creating a stone paved driveway carries relatively higher up-front installation costs, but maintenance costs long term are relatively low.

Speak with an engineering professional and seek advice from relevant government bodies before undertaking any work on your driveway, to ensure it meets all necessary regulations.