Wamberal Free Form stone walling used to finish a building's facade by Cadence & Co.

Free Form stone walling is a format that allows for a rugged, natural appearance perfect for indoors or out.

What is Free Form stone walling?

Free Form stone walling is an alternative to using solid pieces of natural stone to create an organic, rugged looking surface. Spilt on five sides, each piece is of its own unique shape and the sawn back allows for easy installation to any appropriate substrate. This results in a highly textural finish that can enhance any space.

There are several Free Form natural stone walling products in the range offering a diverse selection of tonal variations to suit your design and taste preferences. Wamberal, for example, features a warm tonal mix of greys and browns whereas Crackenback® is a lighter coloured sandstone with occasional strong hues of ambers and burnt oranges.

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Where can Free Form stone walling be used?

free form stone walling
Howqua® Free Form natural stone retaining wall designed by Harrisons Landscaping

Free Form stone walling offers great design flexibility allowing you to use the material in a variety of applications.

Externally, the rugged nature of the Free Form stone helps to seamlessly ground the built form into the landscape. The natural appearance can offer age as if the walling has always been there.

Free Form stone walling outside if often used:

  • To create garden retaining walls
  • Enclose a properties boundary
  • Finish the entrance of a home
  • As exterior cladding of a building
  • The finish of an outdoor fireplace
  • A pool feature wall

Internally, Free Form stone walling is a popular material to add warmth, texture and an organic element to a room. It can also be used to create a visual juxtaposition between a clean finish or material such as a painted wall, polished concrete or timber flooring.

free form stone walling
Crackenback® Free Form natural stone fireplace and surrounds by Architects Ink

Free Form stone walling inside is often used:

  • As the finishing surface of a fireplace
  • A feature wall in a foyer or entrance
  • A wall connecting the interior & exterior spaces
  • In the bathroom

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