Looking for the perfect outdoor lounge to put your feet up and enjoy the spring weather? We’ve got 5 quality and comfortable pieces to add to your outdoor space.

5 outdoor lounges you need this spring

Warm weather and longer days – it’s the time of year where we spend more of our spare time outdoors entertaining and exploring. But most of all, we love to kick back and relax on a comfortable piece of outdoor furniture. Fortunately, no longer do you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Here are 5 outdoor lounges perfect for putting your feet up for those lazy afternoons outdoors without compromising on aesthetics.

1. Ord®

With its oversized modular seats, the Ord® outdoor lounge is ideal for spaces which require flexibility. Simply move the individual pieces to suit you. The quick-dry cushion structure and high-quality fabric upholstery make this piece ideal for family lounging.

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2. Hutt


You’ll be longing to settle into the soft luxurious cushions of the Hutt™ lounge for an afternoon siesta. With its classic form and combined with the organic textures of the thick open weave, the Hutt™ range suits any outdoor space and will look equally inviting in an interior.

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3. Nomah®

outdoor lounge

The oversized teak timber frame of Nomah® combines comfort and style. Let it age and grey off overtime to settle back into the landscape or maintain the stain to retain it’s original lustre.

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4. Watego


outdoor lounge

From small, intimate courtyards to expansive gardens, the modern design of the Watego range is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. The modular pieces can be mixed and matched to work for you and the quick dry cushions made of high-quality fabric offer endless comfort.

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5. Claybourne®

outdoor lounges

Sit back and enjoy the view in the deep and incredibly soft Claybourne®. The intricate grey weave adds texture and the low profile won’t inhibit your garden or water views.

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