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Weekly Review

Jen talks Outdoor Trends with the Weekly Review

Here’s what she had to say…

The rustic style

When it comes to lazy lunches and balmy nights dining outdoors, there’s no garden design more fitting than the rustic style. Jen Stumbles, co-owner of Eco Outdoor, says rustic style “speaks to our need for human moments that still feel stylish but effortless, because outside is often where the magic happens”.


One of the main appeals of the rustic-style garden is that it’s designed to be lived in. “Outdoor spaces are now really about the life that goes on in them,” Jen says.

How to put the style together

Beauty in imperfection is an important element to remember when putting this look together. Focus on creating a lived-in feel, not a showcase.

Essential elements 

  • gutsy plants
  • textural flooring with colour variation
  • mix-and-match furniture styles

Best tip: Spend some time to get your lighting right.

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