Riverdance is the lightest coloured paving option within the Technifirma® range. A soft sandy colour with stunning cream veining throughout, Riverdance offers a lightness in appearance with the strength and durability to withstand high-traffic areas such as pathways and driveways.

Eco Outdoor's Technifirma® range offers a hard-wearing paving solution that accommodates the use of polypads. The Technifirma® range is extremely dense and hard-wearing and can be produced in large formats and used as an internal pool surface. This unique range of products will suit commercial projects especially well.



Packing Details
1200x600mm, 20mm
600x600mm, 20mm
Single Bullnose
1200x300mm, 20mm
900x300mm, 20mm
600x300mm, 20mm
Rebated Coping
1200x350mm, 20/55mm
900x350mm, 20/55mm
600x350mm, 20/55mm

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