Whether you've got a commercial or residential landscape design in mind, your paving choice will largely shape the look and feel of your space. This means you must pick the right supplies for your build. Spanning many colours, styles, finishes and sizes, our quality Technifirma®, Wood and natural stone flooring provides endless design inspiration. We also offer a high level of customisation with most of our ranges. This allows us to meet the needs of almost any brief.

Our Range

For artisan paving styles that enhance any scheme, consider our Hand-Pressed Cement tiles or Cotto bricks. If you're on the hunt for a sturdy material with a textured finish, our Cobblestones or Filetti range are both ideal. A striking and enduring format, Crazy Paving is great for curved and high-traffic areas. A highly practical material to think about is Granite. It is also highly customisable and creates continuity from inside to out. Our Granite range includes vast pool coping options from Tortoise to Raven and Forest. 

Sourced in northern Italy, our Porphyry paving stones are great for harsh floor environments. This natural stone flooring range also displays a wide scope of inherent colour variations. These span from grey tones to rich burgundy hues. Meanwhile, the various tile sizes and stone products in our Split Stone range make it a low-cost choice.

We also have a large range of Sandstones for that classic Australian look. These tiles are cut to bring out the natural colour tones and character of the stone. They are also very soft underfoot. If you draw your design ideas from further abroad, we have an array of Brazilian slate, Italian terracotta and Egyptian, Israeli and Turkish Travertine and Limestone.

Search through our natural stone flooring sections to find a paver or tile finish that’s right for your project.

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