What is granite?

Granite is a very hard crystalline, igneous rock found in many colours. Our range of Granite pavers is all volcanic stones that have formed and hardened over millions of years, making them very dense and hardwearing. This enables them to be used in the harshest applications. The slightly mottled fleck of our granite pavers is also very forgiving in terms of staining. This makes them suitable for high-traffic areas such as driveways and around pools.

Wide customisation available

The stone is quarried in large blocks. This allows large format tiles to be produced. The high level of customisation we provide is a key feature of our pavers. Their practicality, combined with a huge range of colours, sizes and textures make the natural stone an ideal material for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial projects. Our range's grey colour palette offers an elegant look that marries well with modern or traditional architecture.

Offering continuity from indoors to outdoors

Think a split finish cobblestone for the driveway to offer the most grip, or a bush hammered granite paver outdoors for a non-slip surface. Then carry through the same sized tile internally with a honed finish for a sleek feel underfoot. This also creates a seamless flow from inside to out. Working with you in the supply of customised flooring leads to a unique design.

Our range of outdoor granite paving also includes wide pool coping options. This means that you can use the same material for all your hard landscaping and pool paving.

Explore the image gallery to see how our granite pavers have been used in a range of designs.

Eco Outdoor® has a large range of granite pavers and wall tiles. Whether you’re seeking new driveway paving, bathroom flooring ideas or the perfect kitchen tile, you’ll find great design ideas here. Drop by one of our design showrooms today - We've got everything you need.