What is limestone?

Limestone has been used as a key construction material through the ages. In fact, many landmarks around the world such as the Egyptian pyramids are made of limestone. It is an organic sedimentary rock formed from the build-up of fossilised materials. These include shells, coral, algae and sands.

We source our limestones largely from artisan suppliers in Europe and the Middle East. From the many available varieties, our range is curated based on higher performing materials, denser versions. As well as this, our limestone pavers offer colours that aim to suit and inspire local architecture.

A suitable limestone for any design style

Limestone provides the greatest span of options when it comes to flooring. These stones come in many colours, from dark grey Andorra® to creamy beige like La Roche®. Therefore, there is a suitable tone for any brief. We aim to provide products that are versatile in their use, while ideal for all design styles.

Embracing the natural character of each stone

The finishes we apply to the stones only assist to differentiate them and show their natural imperfections. These include tumbled, brushed, sandblasted and distressed. A tumbled finish provides a rustic look and feel, and is more anti-slip than a brushed one.

A large range of sizes and formats

In terms of formats, many products in our limestone range come in large formats or variable sizings, such as French patterns and random lengths. Limestones lend themselves to large formats, generally sourced in large blocks. To make the most out of the material, those that are limited with size in their raw form are often produced in a variable length.

Looking to replace your old brick paving with natural limestone tiles? Or are you just looking for new pavers? You’ll find great outdoor design ideas at Eco Outdoor®. If you’re looking for new driveway paving, bathroom flooring ideas or the perfect kitchen tile, drop by one of our design showrooms today. We’ve got everything you need.

The aged, tumbled appearance of these stones provides a real sense of history and permanency. Even newly laid stones feel as if they've been there forever