Metalbark exhibits a light grey and white marble fleck paving option within the Eco Outdoor's Technifirma® range. It is inherently strong and durable, suitable for a wide spectrum of projects, including both residential and commercial.

Eco Outdoor's Technifirma® range offers a hard-wearing paving solution. This range is extremely strong, has low water absorptions characteristics, is non-slip and is very easy to maintain. Technifirma® is perfect for highly demanding environments such as pools, coastal locations, wet areas, food prep areas, restaurants, BBQ areas and heavy traffic zones. Available in a range of large format sizes Technifirma® is a great complement to Eco Outdoors’ extensive natural stone offer.

Technifirma® Sizing

Packing Details
598 x 598mm, 20mm4621.60
898 x 898mm, 20mm4614.58
Rebate Coping
898 x 350mm, 20/170mm