Natural stone is a very versatile material, especially when it comes to walling. It adds texture, depth and interest to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Marry the rugged stone with the clean lines of contemporary architecture to create an organic finish. Integrate stone into the garden and layer with plants, or use it to provide privacy whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. Whatever your motivation, natural stone walling can add value to your design, whether it involves external cladding, an internal feature or a fireplace.

Our Range

Eco Outdoor® has a huge range of natural stone walling materials from Dry Stone to Traditional Format and Random Ashlar, and these are suitable for a variety of applications.

Our Cotto walling exudes a sense of history and authentic craftsmanship, and is suitable for a traditional aesthetic. Meanwhile, the Freeform® and Dry Stone ranges are ideal if you're seeking an organic, textured feel. The raw, structured form of Random Ashlar makes it a timeless building material. If you're looking to create sophistication, the natural warmth of sandstone, limestone and bluestone included in the Traditional Format range will help achieve this. Another option to consider is our Linear walling, which presents a striking, modern form while being inherently sustainable.

All of our natural stone walling pieces come pre-prepared with the backs sawn smooth. This allows for easy application to all suitable substrates, with outstanding results. Eco Outdoor® offers a complete range of premium stone veneer options, making it easy to find a perfect design match.

Search through the natural stone walling subcategories to find a finish that’s right for your design project. Whether you like a limestone wall or a slate tile, our showrooms will present a vast array of walling options and ideas especially for you. From landscaping to architectural stone, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Walling Made easy

Pre-prepared with outstanding results

We make it easy with our natural stone wall cladding and tile materials.