Slub Linens

Our Slub Linen range from Belgium is woven on an older style loom, giving the fabric a unique ‘slubbiness’. These are variations that come from the spinning and weaving process.

Traditional thought used to be that the better quality the linen, the less slubby it would be. However, this is no longer the case as more design orientated markets see this slubbiness as bringing a sense of texture and character to the fabric, i.e. it’s not too perfect.

It’s not that we accept imperfections, these ‘irregularities’ are what add character to the material.

As part of the weaving process the Slub Linens are treated with a special outdoor treatment, making them water repellent and fade resistant.

Our fabrics are designed with the outdoors in mind, so if you're looking to freshen up an existing lounge or daybed, or looking to breath new life into your boat cushions, our fabrics can be purchased by the lineal metre.

AUD $120.00 per lineal metre

NZD $144.00 per lineal metre