We’ve been talking about the blurring of indoors and out for years but most of us want to create a whole new kind of living space for ourselves that reflects the way we live outside. Our outdoor spaces are not an extension of what we do indoors, they’re a new space all of their own.

The way we live outdoors is different. It's messy, unhurried, spontaneous and unpredictable. It's friends dropping round for a last-minute BBQ or throwing a wood-fired pizza on for the lunch that somehow became a dinner. It’s bring a plate and don’t be too fancy; dress down not up and mostly, it’s about community with friends and with family.

What does your outdoor life look like?


for everyday use for years to come.

We design all of our garden furniture to not only look great but to withstand the harsh outdoor environment all day, every day. From our outdoor dining tables, outdoor chairs and outdoor benches right through to our outdoor lounges, outdoor lounge chairs and outdoor bean bags, you can rest assured that our outdoor furniture will not only look fantastic but will last for years to come.