A Touch of the Tropics

The pool was to be the key feature of the landscaping and needed to be fun for their children to play in with different break out areas, moving water and lush plantings. As the site was very dark with many large trees overcrowding the space, the first steps by Fluid Design Landscapes were to remove enough of the trees to provide sunlight and open space for the proposed pool area whilst still maintaining the leafy surrounds.

The pool itself is a combination of straight lines and sweeping curves with 3 metre wide entry steps, two deep end swimouts and a shallow area for the kids with air jets and water spouts for a bit of fun. The custom timber decking surrounding the kids side of the pool allows enough space for either an outdoor lounge or outdoor table setting.

The floating Raven granite stepping stones dividing the shallow area to the main pool provide access to the daybed hut, a perfect spot for the parents to relax whilst watching over the kids in the pool. Adjacent to the hut is an elevated timber deck constructed around a mature tree fern perfect for sun lounges or for jumping into the deep end of the pool. Working with a combination of materials from timber decking, granite coping and stepping stones to Alpine dry stone walling for the raised pool walls really creates a sense of warmth throughout the design. The landscaping feels personal and welcoming, while the integration of the hard and soft landscaping ties the project together perfectly.

The owners are delighted with the end result as there are so many different ‘outdoor rooms’ for them to use around the pool; paving, timber decking, daybed hut and lawn. The owners have said that they have a favourite spot for each time of the day as the sun moves over the pool allowing them to maximise their outdoor living experience.