Garden Sojourn

Striking modern architectural lines dominated this block with the assembly of this pre-fab contemporary home. Building materials were chosen for their dominance and the crisp lines intentionally slice through the Sydney seaside skyline. The brief to Secret Gardens was to create a family garden for this new home. Not just a traditional front and back yard but an all encompassing outside space that would not only tie this crisp new build seamlessly into the surrounding landscape but that would give the young family maximum use of their outside space.

Secret gardens designed various zones for the outside space, and while all tie together there are distinct differences as you move from space to space, creating a journey as you experience the garden and move from the front of the property through to the back.

As a Sydney beachside home the front entrance has a strong native coastal influence. Striking kangaroo paw perfectly offset the colours in the Lichen split stone wall that creates privacy for the front of the house. Once behind the wall there’s an expanse of lawn; a perfect space for kids to safely play. The side of the property is a meandering walkway. Staggered stone steppers planted out with lush ground coverings lead the way. Wide leafed green planting along the border creates a sense of seclusion and privacy and an outdoor shower cleverly concealed in the overhead timber structure is perfect for a post beach shower.

The back of the garden is again broken into zones, there’s the informal outdoor BBQ and dining area, the pool area and a raised outdoor causal lounging area. The idea behind the zones is to allow for multiple uses of space. Kids can play in the lounge area while adults entertain. And the pool is easily visible from either platform making it not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. In the back of the garden the planting changes again to a contemporary clean planting schedule. Structural plants perfectly complement the architecture of the home.

This is a garden that takes you on a journey. Every step of the way the garden is connected to the house. And while you’re guided through different experiences as you walk through, at all times you feel connected to the property. Each zone leads seamlessly into the next, resulting in a perfectly united space, that ties in the house and the garden.