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Hidden Detail

Intricate design details bring this small garden courtyard to life. Garden designer Tom from The Small Garden worked closely with the home owner to create a garden that incorporated many different and innovative design ideas into an overall design concept.

The key was to keep the design details subtle and gently add layers of depth to the garden. By working with a simple palette of ironbark timber and Antico Luce stone the detailed craftsmanship becomes a feature in its own right, such as the herringbone lay of the terracotta tiles and the inlaid timber border detail.

Mass planting in the garden creates a sense of softness as well as a feeling of lush abundance, and the hidden water feature adds tranquility without distraction.

This is a garden space full of vignettes that invites exploration, allowing each layer to be unveiled over time. A garden that reflects the unhurried nature of artisan crafts and celebrates the quiet contemplation of hidden beauty.

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