Holiday Lifestyle

The design also needed to encompass limited dependency on energy services whilst still capturing the dynamic natural lifestyle of the Tweed Coast.

The design of the house is to be opened up so the lines between indoor and out are blurred, planning also takes advantage of the northern sun whilst automated louvers on the western facade exclude the harsh afternoon sun. The facade is clad in Coolum random ashlar walling which has been installed ungrouted a design aesthetic in keeping with the sandy coastline.The pool is surrounded by Cobb & Co split stone, which blends beautifully with the façade and natural area. Located on the north-east corner of the block it not only receives the full morning sun but has a built in cover to limit evaporation and assist in maintaining water temperature. While a large underground water storage tank feeds a reticulated irrigation system for the low maintenance garden design.

The entire project team of client, architect, consultants and builder was a positive and collaborative process with the quality of the construction resounding evident with the project being awarded the HIA Home of the Year Award for 2010 for Gold Coast/Northern Rivers.