Integrated Inspiration

With a strong emphasis on life outdoors the client’s brief for this new build was to design a home that was based around a series of landscaped spaces. Each of these spaces was to have a subtly different design style while simultaneously complimenting the aesthetics of the build.

Working in small breakout areas Site Design created several different landscape zones. A tight planting schedule and a limited pallet of natural stone ensured that each zone, while having its own personality, integrated together to create a harmonious finished product. Formal structural gardens using Killcare stone walls and bluestone steps tie in with a Killcare feature wall and ornamental pond in another zone of the home. Bluestone pavers are used as steps and borders in most spaces while porphyry cobblestones were used to add a defining, cooler colour palette and change of surface texture.

Working with natural stone both in the building itself and garden spaces has created an undeniable link between the building and its surrounding landscape. The end result is a grounded home with beautiful and interesting garden outlooks from every room and an overall design that is fluid and welcoming.