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Light, Shade and Shapes

The renovation brief to architect Saturday Studio, interior designers Hare and Klein and landscape designer Harrison’s Landscaping was to create the client’s first family home. Not only did this space need to be suitable for small children and a little pooch, but having spent many years living in Asia, the space also needed to subtly reflect the family’s time abroad.

The architecture of the existing house was quite industrial in its feel, with strong steel columns and architectural angles. Meryl and Hellen of Hare and Klein were asked to soften this with interior and exterior finishes. A neutral colour palette of warm soft greys and contrasting whites gently appeases the industrial feel. Bluestone paving runs throughout the house. It’s used externally in the terraced garden and pool area and outdoor BBQ and wood-fired oven, it carries through the full ground floor of the house and is used on stair landings and bathrooms as you continue to the upper floors. This warm soft surface perfectly pares with the grey timber flooring on the upper levels of the house. And it is from this warm and textured base that Meryl and Hellen then built up the layers of their interior styling.

Moving into the garden, the steep slope has been carved into sculptural triangular terraces. This design by Harrison’s Landscaping has allowed for an entertaining terrace and pool area and a spectacular outdoor kitchen. The lush green planting works perfectly against the charcoal timberwork, and the grassed terrace areas are ideal for a young family.

Working closely with the architect, interior designer and landscaper designer has resulted in a beautifully cohesive family home. The end result surpasses the client’s initial brief; it’s a comfortable and practical family home, it’s breathtakingly beautiful and, as Meryl Hare explains, it just feels right.

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