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Light Simplicity

“Working with the wonderful architecture of Gilford Bell is always a pleasure”, says Rick Eckersley. “Gilford would have to be one of my favourite Australian Architects, his organic minimalist approach works well with our landscape designs.”

The rejuvenation of this garden has been very controlled and simple. Three main spaces in the rear make up the garden. A large rectangular pool positioned along the boundary has a back drop of Clethra arbora ‘Lily of the valley tree’ and is framed by the same paving on the rear patio. Large rectangles of La Roche raw tumbled limestone were selected to melt into the new taupe lime render of the house. The surface is very benign from a distance but on closer inspection smattered with fossils of another age. Shade will be provided by beautiful floating summer green foliage of three Pistacia sinensis trees. In autumn, they will display a spectacular range of colour and then be exposed to bare branches to let in the sun during winter.

The scent of gardenias, the camouflage of Boston ivy, brilliant winter red berries of Nandina domestica and the summer garlands of flower from the oak leaf hydrangeas all provide year round interest. This can be appreciated from being within the garden and by viewing it through the large windows that look onto the garden from inside.

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