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Structural Reflections

Aaron from Utopia Landscapes used the bold and striking architecture of this new family home as his core inspiration for designing their garden surrounds. Working with the shapes, architectural lines, colour palette and overall aesthetic he’s created a garden oasis that complements the contemporary style of the home while simultaneously tying it into the tropical Queensland landscape.

The hard surfaces in the garden and the planting schedule were carefully selected to perform this dual task. The modular bluestone paving used throughout the gardens offsets the clean white presence of the home and the modular sharp edge paving is in keeping with the overall structural and lineal style of the architecture. The Coolum random ashlar walling adds another layer of organic colour and texture and Aaron specifically used a dark grey grout to tie this back to the colour palette of the home and bluestone.

The planting thrives in Queensland, responding well to the climate and conditions. By working with a tropical plant palette Aaron’s created a lush garden that’s vibrant all year round providing a constant spectrum of colour. The abundant planting will also grow in time to be a thick tropical garden, again adding to the softness of the space while simultaneously enhancing the bold lines of the architecture. The water feature continues to add depth to the garden and is a beautiful addition, seen from outside the property from passers by.

A key feature of this design is the large fence running the length of the property. Its scale is perfectly proportioned to the size of the home and the textured Coolum stone surface adds depth and interest to the street front. The design of the fence also allows passerby glimpses of the tropical garden oasis that lies behind the wall, adding a sense of intrigue to the property. This feeling continues as you cross the threshold, visitors need to weave up paved paths, steps and terraced areas, past the water feature and through lush tropical planting before arriving at the front door. And it’s from this elevated position that you can then look back and appreciate the garden’s complex design.

This garden is a hidden beauty, tucked away behind a boundary wall, this is an enchanted space. Utopia Landscapes design acts to not only soften the contemporary architecture and settle it into its surrounds but to also create a truly special welcome as you enter this home.

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